Nuisance Birds

Please remember that wildlife aren't being malicious. They have "conveniently" found an element on your property that they need for survival (food, water, shelter, space, etc). By identifying what is drawing the animal to the property or causing the nuisance behavior, it is easier to draw up a plan to permanently correct the problem using non-lethal methods.

Birds trapped in chimney (above flue) Resolution is similar as for trapped squirrels; the solution may be as easy as closing all interior doors and curtains, but leaving one window or door open as an exit. Then carefully opening the damper and observing at a distance. The bird will eventually be drawn to the sights and sounds of the outdoors and exit. Birds trapped for over 24 hours may be dehydrated and require treatment.

Birds nesting/roosting in chimney Chimney Swifts are usually the birds in question (June through August). Loss of habitat has brought about their adaptation to manmade structures. Fortunately, we do not use the chimney during the Chimney Swift breeding season. Their noisy chatter can be filtered by placing covered insulation on the damper. They are federally protected and can not be removed. Schedule chimney sweeps or other maintenance in late September.

On the patio/ledgePigeons are roosting birds. Restrict/Discourage their access by installing bird spikes, hanging irridescent strips of mylar, tying helium balloons to patio railings, spraying water from the garden hose near (not at) them, or setting up replica predators. For warehouses, use bird spikes, netting or acoustic devices. Please do not use paste or caulk bird deterrents; they cause feather damage, impede flight/thermoregulation and possibly death.

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Attacking People Geese, Mockingbirds and Bluejays have earned reputations for this behavior. They have intense parental instincts and readily defend their young from all threats. It begins in Spring as nesting sites are selected and ceases once the new parents are too busy chasing after their young. If at all possible, a certain amount of patience and avoidance must be employed. Avoid the "protected" area for up to 2 weeks. If avoiding the "protected" area is not possible, use an umbrella to protect against overhead attacks by birds, and a garden house to scare geese.

Attacking Windows/Mirrors Many species of birds are extremely territorial and will readily battle with all challengers, including the "challengers" they see in the reflection of your house or car windows. This behavior is easily corrected by hanging strips of irridescent mylar tape on the windows or mirrors.

Flying Into Windows Even if this problem is not related to territorial issues as those listed above, the solutions remains the same. Beautiful picture windows or patio doors appear as openings to birds. When frightened, they quickly head for the nearest escape path. Hanging strips of irridescent mylar tape on the windows or doors will be easily noticed when the birds approach.

Pecking on house This is can be either a territorial issue or a serious sign that your house has termites. This behavior can be corrected by spraying water from a garden hose near (not at!) the offender each time he returns.

Starling-resistant Entrance Holes (SREH's)

The Purple Martin Conservation Association's guide to modifying purple martin houses.

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