Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are a humane method of deterring birds from roosting on man-made structures.

Please DO NOT use pastes or gels as a bird repellent or deterrent.  These pastes and gels permanently stick to a bird’s feet and feathers and will eventually impair their ability to fly.  The only way to remove the paste is by following the manufacturer’s instructions and using vegetable oil, mineral oil or mineral spirits.  This means that unless a contaminated bird is caught and properly cleaned, it will most likely die.

A spike that is 4 inches high by 4 inches long is appropriate for most bird species. The number of rows you will need is dependent on the width of the ledge and the width of the spike strip. One 4-inch wide row of spikes will generally protect up to a 5-inch wide surface.

Installation should be made on a clean, dry surface. It is recommended that a surface disinfectant be used to remove existing droppings. The strip should overhang the ledge surface by 1/2 inch.

Bird exclusion spikes are ideal for addressing problems associated with roosting birds and are the perfect application for building contractors, government agencies, office building/property management, industrial warehouses, and banks and gas stations. A direct link to various product are available by clicking on the product title below.

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