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Medications, Dewormers And Antibiotics

This page is primarily a reference point for quickly ordering various medications, dewormers and antibiotics online through Amazon.  You can also find these items at other retailers.

Innovative Technology That Makes Rehab Easier

So much has changed for wildlife rehabilitation over the decades.   Rehabilitation is labor-intensive and time consuming.  With new innovations in products and technology appearing almost daily, why shouldn’t the wildlife rehabiitation use it to their advantage.    And much of this technology is becoming much easier to implement and much more affordable. Wildlife Gadgets and … Continue Reading

Ladybugs In The House

Even ladybugs need a little help from time to time.  If it’s winter, or cold outside, and suddenly one or more ladybugs appear inside your house, there are a few things you can do to help them survive. Ladybugs spend most of the year feeding on aphids (which is a good thing for gardeners).  They’ll … Continue Reading

Careers In Wildlife Rehabilitation

Careers in Wildlife Rehabilitation The majority of wildlife rehabilitation professionals are state and federally permitted volunteers.  There are other opportunities to work in wildlife rehabilitation as a paying career.  Typically, these positions are available through wildlife rehabilitation facilities or larger organizations such as a zoo or aquarium.  In the public sector, state and federal agencies … Continue Reading

Wildlife Reference Books

Wildife Project Books

Hard To Find Wildlife Reference Books

Wildlife Rehabilitation Manuals And Books

Wildlife Rehabilitation Books And Manuals Wildlife rehabilitation books and manuals are the best point of reference in developing the skills necessary to properly care for orphaned and injured wildlife.  The NWRA (National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association) publishes the “bible” of rehabilitation manuals, which outlines the basic principles and minimum standards of wildlife rehabilitation.  Most states require … Continue Reading


Incubators are a vital component in caring for neonatal mammals, hatchling birds, other orphaned wildlife, and eggs. Most very young animals need supplemental heat in order to survive. Fertile eggs also need constant heat (and humidity) in order to properly develop. The type of incubator to use is dependent on its intended purpose. Extremely young … Continue Reading