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1) Body Weight*:
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Reference Click here to get the kCal value of your formula
Formulas mixed 1:1.5
Esbilac = 1.16 kCal per ml
Zoologic 30/40 = 1.18 kCal per ml
Zoologic 42/25 = 1.02 kCal/ml
Zoologic 30/55 = 1.31 kCal/ml
Fox Valley 34/40 = 1.11 kCal/ml
KMR = 1.00 kCal/gm
2) Calories per gram of diet*:
(see references at right)
3) Amount mammal is eating per feeding:
If left blank, intake per feeding will be calculated at 5% of body weight.
4) Dehydration level:
not required
Click here to determine deyhdration level
* = required


Feedings This mammal will require a total of 0 daily Kcal. A total of kCals are provided per 0gm feeding.
(kCal based on Basal Metabolic Rate 0 * (kg).75)X (MER of 1.5)
Visit this page to select other MER energy factors.

In order to meet its daily caloric requirements, this mammal will require 0 feedings per day, with feedings occuring every 0 hours (based on a 12 hour feeding schedule).

Daily Maintenance Fluid Requirements = Can range from between 0ml (Formula-fed babies should be receiving all their fluids from their diet) (Based on 55 ml/kg/day; Vomiting, diarrhea, and neonate mammals require higher fluid levels)
Treatment for shock

Fluids for shock = cc (Based on 20 ml/kg/hour)
Maximum hourly SQ Fluids per Administration = 0cc (Based on 10% of body weight)
Dexamethasone = mg (Based on 4 mg/kg. This dose must be divided by the strength of the medication)
Treatment for dehydration

This mammal will require 0cc of additional fluids to correct a 0% dehydration level. 0cc should be administered on the first day in addition to normal maintenance fluid requirements.
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