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Wildlife Rehabilitators

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State And Federal Wildlife Agency Listings

These listings are available to assist you in locating a permitted wildlife rehabilitator in the event you have found orphaned or injured wildlife. The listings are grouped by state, with links to the agency’s contact information, website, and their listing of permitted rehabilitators and wildlife rehabilitation facilities (if available). Alabama Game and Fish Division Alaska … Continue Reading

Species Database

The Species Database provides detailed information regarding a specific species.  Available data can include weight, longevity, gestation/incubation, metabolic rate, age at maturity, etc. Data related to milk composition and other traits, as well as links to rehabilitation information and links to addition species-specific research may also be available.

Rehabilitation Resources

This listing provides links to various rehabilitation resources available on other sites.  These include basic rehabilitation standards, specific species rehabilitation guides, nutrition, and disease information. Basic Stabilization of Wildlife Best Practices for Migratory Bird Care During Oil Spill Response CCWR Wildlife Rehabilitation Procedures Manual CWR Handbook NWRA/IWRC Minimum Standards for Wildlife Rehabilitation (3rd Edition) Rhode … Continue Reading

Permits Forms And Reports

Here is a listing of the various forms and reports used for state and federal wildlife rehabilitation applications and annual reporting. Arizona Wildlife Rehabilitation Permit Application Arkansas Wildlife Rehabiliation Apprentice Permit Application Arkansas Wildlife Rehabiliation General Permit Application Arkansas Wildlife Rehabilitation Annual Report California Wildlife Rehabilitation Annual Report California Wildlife Rehabilitation Permit Application Colorado Provisional … Continue Reading

Add Your Listing

If you would like to include your listing in the Wildlife Rehabilitators listings, you will need to create an account by clicking Login on the menu bar and then selecting “Sign Up”. Please be aware that new listings are verified using the publicly available  information from your state’s licensing or permitting agency.  Because the site … Continue Reading

Medications, Dewormers And Antibiotics

This page is primarily a reference point for quickly ordering various medications, dewormers and antibiotics online through Amazon.  You can also find these items at other retailers.

Innovative Technology That Makes Rehab Easier

So much has changed for wildlife rehabilitation over the decades.   Rehabilitation is labor-intensive and time consuming.  With new innovations in products and technology appearing almost daily, why shouldn’t the wildlife rehabiitation use it to their advantage.    And much of this technology is becoming much easier to implement and much more affordable. Wildlife Gadgets and … Continue Reading