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Calculations based on an average TBSP dry powder weight of 6 gms and water weight of 14 grams.

**kCal values were not available, so approximate values were provided.

1R. Jenness and R.E. Sloan. The Composition of Milks of Various Species: A Review. Dairy Sci. Abstr. 32(10) 599-612 Review Article No. 158

2Olav T Oftedal. Milk Composition, Milk Yield and Energy Output at Peak Lactation: A Comparative Review. Symp. zool. Soc. Lond. (1984) No. 51,33-85.

3Wombaroo information provided by Wombaroo Food Products; Order through Geoff Shrock

4 added 2/21/02; “Our published energy value of 5.6kJ/ml or 1.3Cal/ml is metabolisable energy. This is equivalent to gross energy of 6.1kJ/ml or 1.5Cal/ml.
Using the standard values of 25kJ/g for protein, 37kJ/g for fat and17kJ/g for carbohydrate produces a gross energy value for Opossum milk of 8.5kJ/ml or 2.0Cal/ml. As you are feeding the animals ad lib they will drink sufficient milk each day to satisfy their energy requirements. Since both the Wombaroo and Opossum milk have similar protein to energy values, 13.4mg/kJ for Wombaroo and 12.9mg/kJ for Opossum milk, then daily protein requirements will also be satisfied.”

5Esbilac and Zoologic information obtained through Debbie Hoffman, PetAg Inc. 2002

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