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Avian Treatment Calculator

Conversion Calculator

Grams: Ounces: Kilograms: Pounds: Grams: Kilograms: Milliliters: Fluid Ounces: To convert Action mg to gm divide by 1000 gm to mg multiply by 1000 gm to kg divide by 1000 kg to gm multiply by 1000 kg to lb multiply by 2.2 oz to gm multiply by 28 lb to gm multiply by 454 tsp … Continue Reading

kCal Calculator

Step 1: Calculate daily kCal requirement kCal Results Basal Maintenance (X 2) Growth/Activity (X 3) Sick/Injured (X 6) Mammal’s Weight (in kg) Nonpasserine weight in kg: Most birds over 1 lb. Passerine weight in kg: Most birds under 1 lb. *Select the Maintenance results for stable adult wildlife *Select the Growth/Activity results for juveniles *Select … Continue Reading

Milk Replacer Calculator

Additional calculators: Wildlife Again Calculator The Formula Calculator 1. Choose a Milk Replacer: EsbilacZoologic 30/55Zoologic 20/20Zoologic 23/30Zoologic 25/13Zoologic 30/40Zoologic 42/25Zoologic 20/14Wombaroo Possum >.08Wombaroo Possum

Mammal Calculator

Dosage Calculator

Click Here if you need to convert a weight Animal’s Weight X Dosage Amount รท Strength of Medication = Amount to Administer (in grams) (mg per kg) (mg per cc) **The Dosage Calculator is provided for use at your own risk.