Colorado Wildlife Rehabilitators


(303) 340-4911
Licensed to rehabilitate small_mammals including bats--spotted and hognosed skunks. Wildlife education. Humane Solutions to Wildlife Problems--Performs wildlife control using only non lethal methods of eviction and exclusion--no trapping


The Colorado Wild Rabbit Foundation rehabilitates injured, sick and orphaned wild rabbits and hares.


(303) 791-0500
Accepts small mammals Coyote sized and under. Examples include : Raccoons, Squirrels, Foxes etc.

Additional Resources

These listings are available to assist you in locating a permitted wildlife rehabilitator in the event you have found orphaned or injured wildlife.

Directory listings submitted by users, are provided as a courtesy, and should not be construed an endorsement or an indication of the accuracy of the listing.

Most state wildlife agencies maintain a current list of licensed or permitted rehabilitators. A link to your state agency's contact information, website, and their listing of permitted rehabilitators and wildlife rehabilitation facilities (if available) is included in this list.

Other Sources For Locating Local Wildlife Rehabilitators

  • Emergency vet clinics.
  • Veterinary clinics.
  • Animal control agencies
  • Humane shelters.

Not all rehabbers are listed in directories. You may need to make phone calls to other rehabbers within your state to get referrals to someone closer. Please remember that the majority of wildlife rehabilitators are volunteers that care for wildlife at their homes. Most do not get paid or reimbursed (many also work fulltime during the day). If you reach an answering machine, please listen carefully because there will often be drop-off instructions on the message.

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