State Agency Submissions Guide

State and Federal wildlife agencies can submit their permitted rehabilitator lists directly through their account, which contains a link to upload a CSV file.  The CSV file can also be submitted by email.  To retrieve your username and/or reset your password, click here.

The submitted file will be used to either update existing user listings or create a new user listing.

Click here to download a CSV template file.   Please rename your CSV file before submission by using the following pattern:
state-year-version.csv   example:  va-2017-v1.csv 

Your feedback is welcome as we improve this system.


CSV Data Fields

Field Name Required Valid Entries Comments
first_name yes Only Alpha Characters  
last_name yes Only Alpha Characters Last name for individual or full name of organization/facility
listing_type yes   Defaults to Wildlife Rehabilitator if left blank. See Listing Type below
state_verified   1 The user's listing will be designated as verified.
street yes   This is used for geolocation mapping.  It is not displayed to the public
city yes    
state yes 2 letter abbreviation
zip yes zip code  
phone yes phone number  
mail yes A valid email address This is used to either match to an existing user or create a new user if no match exists.  If email is left blank, an attempt will be made to match to an existing user based on a name match.  Otherwise the user is not entered or updated.
comments     Any information that should be added to the user's comment section for public display
country     Defaults to US if left blank
federal_permit   1 or left blank  
custom_1     Not currently used
custom_2     Not currently used
small_mammals   1 or left blank  
large_mammals   1 or left blank  
rabies_vector   1 or left blank  
passerines   1 or left blank  
waterfowl   1 or left blank  
water_sea_birds   1 or left blank  
raptors   1 or left blank  
reptiles_amphibians 1 or left blank  
marine_mammals   1 or left blank  

Listing Types

Users are assigned to one of three categories based on listing type.  Some states issue different types of rehabilitation permits.  The default listing type is Wildlife Rehabilitator if no listing type is defined.

  • Wildlife Rehabilitator
  • Wildlife Organization
  • Wildlife Facility