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Rehabilitation Costs

Whether it’s just for your own curiosity or if you are looking for information to provide in your brochures, here is a breakdown of approximate costs to rehabilitate wildlife. The dietary considerations are base on actual kCal requirements. This is a little misleading with regard to actual costs incurred, because it does not account for … Continue Reading


The purpose of a suture to hold a wound together in good apposition until such time as the natural healing process is sufficiently well established to make the support from the suture material unnecessary and redundant. Choice of a suture will depend on: Properties of suture material

Conversion Calculator

Grams: Ounces: Kilograms: Pounds: Grams: Kilograms: Milliliters: Fluid Ounces: To convert Action mg to gm divide by 1000 gm to mg multiply by 1000 gm to kg divide by 1000 kg to gm multiply by 1000 kg to lb multiply by 2.2 oz to gm multiply by 28 lb to gm multiply by 454 tsp … Continue Reading

Mammal Calculator

Dosage Calculator

Click Here if you need to convert a weight Animal’s Weight X Dosage Amount รท Strength of Medication = Amount to Administer (in grams) (mg per kg) (mg per cc) **The Dosage Calculator is provided for use at your own risk.

Fluid and Electrolyte Basics

Osmosis — passive transport of water across a semipermeable membrane. Water tends to move across the membrane until the solute concentration (the amount of solids) on both sides are the same. When water concentration is high in one compartment, there will be a net diffusion of water into the other compartment and also a diffusion … Continue Reading