kCal Calculator

Step 1: Calculate daily kCal requirement

kCal Results
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Mammal's Weight (in kg)
Nonpasserine weight in kg:

Most birds over 1 lb.
Passerine weight in kg:

Most birds under 1 lb.
*Select the Maintenance results for stable adult wildlife
*Select the Growth/Activity results for juveniles
*Select the Sick/Injured results for debilitated wildife, or mammals under 2 lbs.

Step 2: Determine daily intake amount

Enter the kCal requirement from Step 1
Select the results from Maintenance, Growth, or Injured
Enter the kCal per ml or gram of diet (see reference chart)

Reference Chart

Ensure = 1.03 kCal per ml
Goat's Milk = .67 kCal per ml
Osmolite = 1.03 kCal per ml
Mealworms = 2.04 kCal per ml
Smelt = .98 kCal per gram
Exact = 1.5 kCal per ml (mixed 2:1)
Evaporated Milk = 1.37 kCal per ml
   This is the total amount to feed in ml or grams per day. Divide this by the number of feedings to determine how much to provide per feeding. Do not feed mammals more than 5% of body weight per feeding.