Wildlife Rehabilitator Listing Registration

Complete this form if you would like to have your contact information included in the WildlifeRehabber.com Rehabilitator listings.  You must be a licensed/permitted wildlife rehabilitator, wildlife facility, or wildlife agency.

New registrations are verified for eligibility using your state agency’s publicly accessible licensed/permitted wildlife rehabilitator listings.  Please ensure that you are listed as licensed/permitted on their website.

Please note: If your state’s permitting agency listings are not up to date, or they do not provide a publicly accessible list of permitted wildlife rehabilitators, you can either request that they send email verification of your permitted status to permits@wildliferehabber.com or you can send a copy/image of your permit to permits@wildliferehabber.com.  Unverified listings will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

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Provide any specific intake information such as restricted to certain species, hours, etc. 500 character limit. If your state lists rehabilitators by county, please specify in which county you are located.

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Once you click "register", you will receive an email confirmation containing a link to create a password which will allow you to access and maintain your listing.