Cats Versus Birds

Preface:  This series of articles related to TNR (Trap Neuter Return) are compiled by and are the opinion of the author, and do not necessarily reflect nor are intended to represent the opinions of this site’s membership.  This information has been compiled specifically to provide resources to communities dealing with a proposed TNR implementation.  My … Continue Reading

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Nuisance and Wildlife Management Books

Resolving Wildlife Conflicts These books focus on the causes and possible solutions to resolving wildlife conflicts and humanely dealing with nuisance wildlife. They are a must-have if you frequently encounter wildlife issues, and if you would like to have information available to help others find solutions Conservation And Management The books cover topics related to … Continue Reading

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Wildlife Rehabilitation Manuals And Books

Wildlife Rehabilitation Books And Manuals Wildlife rehabilitation books and manuals are the best point of reference in developing the skills necessary to properly care for orphaned and injured wildlife.  The NWRA (National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association) publishes the “bible” of rehabilitation manuals, which outlines the basic principles and minimum standards of wildlife rehabilitation.  Most states require … Continue Reading

Bird Houses And Bird Feeders

Bird houses and feeders are a great way to attract wild birds to your property. The houses provide cavity nesting birds an opportunity to nest in areas that may not have as many natural nesting options, especially in residential and heavily developed locations. Some birds have very unique nesting requirements, such as the size of … Continue Reading

Songbird and Insectivore Dietary Supplements

Direct links are provided to products commonly used in formulating or supplementing avian diets. Brewer’s Yeast Brewer’s Yeast is an excellent natural source of folic acid, niacin, biotin and B vitamins. Gelatin At 92% protein, gelatin is an ideal source for increasing protein values when supplemented with the appropriate balance of vitamins and minerals. Powdered … Continue Reading

Wildlife Control Products

Birds | Geese | Deer | Mammals | Snakes | Live Traps Click here to view or search all wildlife control products Birds Products Click here to view all bird deterrent products Bird-X TAPE-25 Irri-Tape Bird Repellent Ribbon Holographic Bird Scare Tape Bird-X OWL Prowler Owl with Moving Wings Rotating Head Great Horned Owl Bird B Gone MMRTH1 Hawk Decoy Double Row Stainless Steel Bird Spikes … Continue Reading


Incubators are a vital component in caring for neonatal mammals, hatchling birds, other orphaned wildlife, and eggs. Most very young animals need supplemental heat in order to survive. Fertile eggs also need constant heat (and humidity) in order to properly develop. The type of incubator to use is dependent on its intended purpose. Extremely young … Continue Reading