DIY Homemade Deer Repellent Concentrate

Deer Repellents Deer repellents are a popular way to control deer damage for homes, gardens and small commercial crops. Repellents discourage deer browsing by making plants less appetizing or by containing an odor that deer avoid because it triggers an alert that a predator may be nearby. They both have varying degrees of success. Rotating … Continue Reading

Ladybugs In The House

Even ladybugs need a little help from time to time.  If it’s winter, or cold outside, and suddenly one or more ladybugs appear inside your house, there are a few things you can do to help them survive. Ladybugs spend most of the year feeding on aphids (which is a good thing for gardeners).  They’ll … Continue Reading

State Agency Submissions Guide

State and Federal wildlife agencies can submit their permitted rehabilitator lists directly through their account, which contains a link to upload a CSV file.  The CSV file can also be submitted by email.  To retrieve your username and/or reset your password, click here. The submitted file will be used to either update existing user … Continue Reading

How To Reunite A Baby Squirrel With Its Mother

Tips: Watch how others have successfully reunited baby squirrels (links to YouTube videos below) Use our Found A Baby Squirrel? Online Assessment Tool to ensure that the baby is healthy enough (and warm enough) to attempt a reunion Keep all activity (people, kids, pets, etc) away from the area until after mom retrieves her babies.  … Continue Reading

Found A Baby Bunny? Online Assessment Tool

Found A Baby Squirrel? Online Assessment Tool

Ducklings In The Courtyard

When mallards begin nesting, they select a safe, seclude spot to hatch their eggs.  An enclosed courtyard seems like the ideal location because few predators can enter and the ducks can fly in and out easily.  However the ducks fail to recognize that this perfect spot will also be a trap for their ducklings, who … Continue Reading

Why Male Mallard Ducks Attack Female Mallard Ducks

It’s spring. Love is in the air. Ducks are pairing off and preparing to start new families. But something is definitely amiss. Why are groups of male mallards attacking a single, lone female mallard? Sex Ratios When mallards hatch and when the adult mallards migrate in fall, the ratio of male to female stays near 50:50.  This … Continue Reading

Careers In Wildlife Rehabilitation

Careers in Wildlife Rehabilitation The majority of wildlife rehabilitation professionals are state and federally permitted volunteers.  There are other opportunities to work in wildlife rehabilitation as a paying career.  Typically, these positions are available through wildlife rehabilitation facilities or larger organizations such as a zoo or aquarium.  In the public sector, state and federal agencies … Continue Reading

Ducks, Ducklings (and other wildlife) In The Pool

Ducks In The Pool Imagine how happy those ducks are; you were nice enough to provide them with a wonderful pool oasis, surrounded by great landscaping and safely enclosed from predators. It just didn’t occur to them that you didn’t do it for them. They’ve learned from repeated visits that it is a safe place to … Continue Reading

Candling Eggs

Before Candling Eggs… The information on this page is made available specifically for determining the stage of egg development in duck or goose eggs for the purpose of determining whether to intervene if it is suspected that the adult is no longer returning (to see if the eggs should be taken to a permitted wildlife rehabilitator) … Continue Reading