Wildlife Transport and Rescue

Here is a compiled list of suggested items for use in transport/rescue and disaster situations. Included are direct links for purchasing some of the products online as well as tips for making some of the items and their use. Feel free to send in your tips and suggestions. We've tried to source the least expensive online merchants for the suggested items. Most of the merchants offer upgraded shipment options. To view an item, click on the corresponding text or picture link.

Things to have on-hand for occasional transports/rescues
  Item Link Description/Tips
Animal Control Pole Catch Pole Animal Control Pole It is possible to make your own snare pole using pvc and cording. Avoid using thin wire or other materials that could injure the animal. For proper and humane use of snare poles, visit HSUS for more information.
Collapsible Pet Carrier Collapsible pet carrier Fold Away Pet Carriers tip: line carriers with rubber carpet liners to prevent slips and attach fiberglass screening to wire front and sides using hot glue to prevent injuries
Power Inverter Portable heat source Power Inverters or iconair-activated heat packs For use in shock, hypothermic and very young wildlife requiring supplemental heat. Power inverters allow turn your cigarette lighter into an outlet for most electrical devices like heating pads.
Pillow case   Good for "hooding" large animals and as temporary containment for smaller animals or birds.
Towels   Use for capture/restraint and lining carriers
Animal Capture & Restraint
Animal stretchers   use 6 feet of 1" metal pipe, using canvas tarp cut to 2 1/2 by 5; on each side fold the canvas under by 2" and sew using a double stitch. Slide the pipe into the double stitched channels of the canvas. Slide two pair of bicycle handles onto the ends. If restraints are needed, cut a half circle at 1' below the ends of the canvas and feed velcro straps through.
Light weight throw net - Hoop net   hula hoop with sewn with 3 feet of lightweight netting
fishing net   Useful for any time of water rescue and avian capture. Paint metallic handles green so that they are less visible.
Cornering/coralling net   using 4' x 8' section of netting attached to 2 4 1/2 pieces of 1' pvc pole. Used for "walking" waterfowl, birds and small injured mammals into position to be captured.
Pet Carriers   (carrier openings should be lined with fiberglass window screening to prevent injury and/or small mammal or bird escape.
portable dog crates Port-A-Crate Dog Crate  
Muzzles Mesh Muzzle  
Collars Single Layer Nylon Dog Collars  
Tranquilizer gun or pistol    
Personnel Equipment
Rain suits Stearns Low-cost PVC Rainsuit  
Extra smocks/armbands/coveralls "12-pk. 45"" White Vinyl Aprons"  
Flashlights (extra supply of batteries 2-D Cell Heavy-duty Industrial Flashlight  
waders "Low-cost 35"" Rubber Hip Boots"  
First-aid kit Emergency First Aid Kit (serves 25) 50 Person OSHA First Aid Kit
Latex Gloves GEMPLERS 5mil Industrial Latex Gloves (100/bx) Powder Free Latex Gloves, One Size Fits All
Insect repellent    
Rubber boots "18"" Yellow Contractor's Overboots"  
Leather gloves/gauntlets 1-pr. Men's Warden Animal Handling Gloves Warden Animal Handling Gloves
Rubber gloves    
Waterless hand cleaner GEMPLER'S Waterless Hand Cleaner Towels Kills 99.9% of Germs Without Water or Towels.
General Items
Two-way radios (ecomonical and most have a 2 mile range) Good for coordinating on-site efforts during a rescue.
Flashlights Amazon  
Wire cutters Wire Cutters These are important tools to have on hand for situations involving fence entanglement and fish hook removal.
Bolt cutters Bolt Cutters Beneficial when access is restricted by heavy chain or thick metal bars.
Shovel Shovels Point shovels work best for removing debris or dirt for access during a rescue.
Crowbar Crowbars Very useful for rescues involving removal of manhole covers, grates, etc.
Multitools Leatherman Multitools are extremely practical for almost all situations. They usually contain pliers, screwdrivers, knives ,etc.
Nylon rope    
Tarps 4.5 oz. Forest Green 8'x10' Tarp Useful for overhead protection from sun/rain during rescue, for use as a barrier, emergency stretchers, etc.
Portable generators Generator Can provide portable power for powering search lights, portable heating units, etc.
Absorbents "10-pack 16""x20"" Sorbent Pads" Excellent for spills and for use on land (not water); they will contain and pick up spills of hazardous liquid chemicals including pesticides and hydrofluoric acid.
Euthanasia Supplies   Quantities of sodium pentobarbital and supply of assorted syringes/needles for euthanasia purposes
Oil Containment "8"" x 10-ft. 3M Oil Sorbent Booms (4/case)" This product will make cleaning up an oil or chemical spill much faster and easier. The booms collect oil and continue to float even after fully saturated.
orange cones "18"" Orange Safety Cone" Smart item to have on hand when rescues occur near traffic areas.
digital cameras Digital Cameras  
cell phones    
binoculars Binoculars