About Wildlife Rehabber

Wildlife Rehabber is a website that was created in 1998 to provide an online reference to individuals requiring assistance in the placement of orphaned, injured or displaced wildlife via a directory of wildlife rehabilitators, organizations and facilities who have elected to register with the website.

Wildlife Rehabber was also developed to provide an online reference for the wildlife rehabilitation community to foster the sharing of information and resources among peers which augment established rehabilitation practices.  The website is not affiliated with a specific wildlife organization.

What Is Available To Registered Users?

  • Share rehab tips, comments and advice
  • Create personal pages (promote their facility, rehab success stories, volunteer recruitment, etc)
  • Submit calendar events
  • Share photos
  • Submit articles
  • State/Federal agencies can post announcements that will be displayed to all users in their region
  • Share rehab resources, links or papers
  • Assist in site moderation