Account FAQ

New registration activation can take a few days to a few weeks.  It depends on the one thing that most of us have the least of, which is the available free time to process new registration requests.  Wildlife Rehabber receives several hundred new registration requests per month.  Ninety percent are human spammers and 8 percent of registrations are don't meet the criteria.  Typically, only 2% of registrations are from wildlife professionals.  But each registration does have to be reviewed, and that takes time.


If you or your organization would be interested in volunteering to assist with registration processing, please send us an email.

Log into your account and select the 'Edit' tab.  From there you can update your information. 

Only individuals that submitted an online registration and confirmed their email address are listed on the website database.  No listings are created or maintained/updated on behalf of registered individuals. 

If your registration type is incorrect, please make sure all the information in your account is correct then use this form to request that your account be updated.

If you registered long ago using an old email address that no longer is active, please use this form to request that the email address be updated.  For verification purposes, please also include the email address that you originally used to register.  If you are unsure which email you used to originally register, please provide your best guess.

Staff and volunteers generally do not received (nor are permitted to receive) wildlife directly from the public or rehabilitate wildlife on their own, and typically perform wildlife services on behalf of an organization, facility or rehabilitator.  It is much more efficient to direct the public directly to the facility, organization or agency for which they work or volunteer.  For this reason, they are not listed in the public database.  

However, staff and volunteers can still register and have access to the website as long as they have included their affliation in the Reference section of the registration process.

If you are an administrator with an organization, facility, or agency and wish to register the organization but also want to have an individual registration, you should register the organization using it's primary email account.  Then create a new registration for yourself using your own email address, listing the organization as an affiliation.